How to upgrade Xampp from php 7 to 8 in windows 10

How to upgrade Xampp from php 7 to php 8 in windows 10

Posted by Raquel Crist on September 30, 2021

This tutorial provides the steps you need to upgrade from PHP 7 version to PHP 8 in Xampp

Step 1. Get php 8 folder 

Go to this link and download the zip file which at the time of this tutorial is /XAMPP Windows/8.0.11/

Step 2. Extract php folder from the zip file

Step 3. Place the php folder in the Xampp folder 

Go to the root of the Xampp folder and rename the current php folder to something like php7 and copy/paste the php folder you extracted. Make sure that the folder you extracted is called php.

Step 4. Open the XAMPP Control Panel and click the config button

Step 5. Click the Config Button next to apache

Choose the option Apache(httpd-xampp.conf), It will open the configuration file httpd-xampp.conf and change the lines highlighted from php 7 to 8. Be sure to change all the lines with php7_module to php_module throughout the file.

Step 6. Save and restart Apache

Now save the changes and start the Apache Web Server.

Now Xampp is updated with PHP 8