How to install Composer on Windows 10

How to install Composer on Windows 10 for PHP development

Posted by Ervin Adams on June 26, 2021

Install Composer to your computer

In this example you will be shown how to install composer on your PC windows 10 operating system. For this example, the PHP stack Xampp is used. Therefore, ensure you have a PHP stack such as Xampp or Wamp installed. You can go here "" to learn how to install Xampp.

Composer is a dependency management system for the PHP programming language. The packages and libraries that your project uses will be managed by composer. Frameworks such as Laravel and Symphony uses composer to installing/updating various requirements/components.

Step 1. Download composer

Go here "" and download composer-setup.exe. Just click through the step for a basic install. Skip the step that will ask you to add a Proxy URL. Click finish once install is complete.

Step 2. Test composer

Open the command prompt on your PC and write the command "composer -v"

You can now see composer has been install successfully.